After earning my license to practice law in 1976, I embarked on a fulfilling and challenging career that took me to the heart of a major financial institution. I served in numerous roles during this time, including as legal counsel and in various executive positions, honing my skills and gaining invaluable experience in the arena of strategic planning.

During my tenure at this organization, I became acutely aware of the importance of legal expertise in the world of business and finance, where I was able to develop a deep understanding of the interconnectedness between the fields. This broad spectrum of experience provided me with a holistic perspective on the legal challenges that businesses face, and I became particularly adept at navigating these intricate complexities.

In 1994, after nearly two decades of service in the financial institution, I decided to channel my extensive experience and vast knowledge into a venture of my own. I set out to establish my solo practice, with a distinct focus on business and real estate law. My intent was to bring my multifaceted expertise to clients in San Diego County, offering them legal representation that was informed by years of work in the heart of the financial industry.

Drawing on my background in business and finance, combined with my legal training and practice, I am able to provide experienced and insightful advice on a variety of transactional and contractual concerns. My approach is far from one-size-fits-all; instead, I work diligently to understand the specific needs and circumstances of each client, tailoring my service to provide the most relevant, effective, and personalized legal solutions.

My commitment extends beyond simply advising on legal issues, as I strive to be a trusted partner to my clients, walking with them through every step of their business journey. I am dedicated to their success and understand the importance of clear, strategic decision-making, particularly when it comes to real estate and business transactions.

If you’re seeking detailed, professional advice regarding your real estate or business transaction concerns, I invite you to contact my office today. I am prepared to leverage my depth of experience, commitment to personalized service, and legal acumen to assist you with your specific needs and goals.