Navigating the Current Economic Challenges

In these challenging economic times, running a fruitful business in various markets has become increasingly difficult. Banks and lenders have taken to selling distressed debt, allowing them to recoup parts of the loan amounts. This scenario also presents an opportunity for astute investors to profit by purchasing and collecting on distressed debt.

At the Law Office of Donald Schiffer, I draw on my experience working with the Resolution Trust Corporation in the early 1990s to offer informed counsel on distressed debt transactions.

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Attorney Aiding Investors with Distressed Loan Purchases

My expertise as a lawyer, coupled with my business background, enables me to provide knowledgeable advice to investors looking to purchase financial instruments from banks or other financial entities and lenders. My representation is designed to provide investors with a clear understanding of the rights and obligations in the sale agreement, aiming to mitigate future liability risks.

After the broker has negotiated the terms of the purchase agreement, I review the documentation and perform due diligence. I follow this up with comprehensive advice on the transaction contracts, identifying potential areas of misunderstanding or liability exposure.

Contact my office to schedule a complimentary consultation to discuss your distressed debt transaction today. I possess the knowledge and background required to provide detailed advice tailored to your specific transaction concerns.