When navigating the labyrinth of complex business matters and transactions, the guidance of an experienced attorney is crucial. At the Law Office of Donald Schiffer, I offer comprehensive legal advice on an array of business-related issues, diligently working towards finding efficient solutions that can conserve your precious time and resources.

With a wealth of over 30 years of experience as a practicing attorney, coupled with a substantial background in business and finance, I have constructed a practice dedicated to aiding business owners and investors throughout San Diego County.

Skilled Representation for a Range of Concerns

My unique blend of legal expertise and business acumen enables me to provide informed representation for a variety of business and real estate concerns, including:

  • Real Estate Transactions: I meticulously review and prepare contracts for purchase, sale, and commercial leases, providing detailed advice on potential legal issues that may impact buyers, sellers, landlords, and investors. Additionally, I offer guidance on structures for common interest developments like condominiums.
  • Business Transactions: I leverage my experience to facilitate your daily operations and assist your business in completing contracts. This can range from manufacturing agreements and employment agreements to intricate sales, merger, or acquisition matters.
  • Business Organization: I work tirelessly to assist both new and existing businesses in ensuring proper organization—a key component contributing to their ongoing success. My goal is to handle business organization and corporate issues as efficiently as possible, allowing you to focus on your business rather than legal hurdles.
  • Business Formation: I provide counsel to new business owners on creating business entities that protect them from personal liability and have favorable tax implications. I offer advice on entity selection and assist with the completion of all necessary formation documentation. This includes the formation of nonprofit corporations such as Homeowner Associations and 501(c)(3) charitable organizations.
  • Loan Purchase Transactions: I have experience working with investors interested in purchasing distressed loans from banks or other financial entities. In this capacity, I review the terms of the transaction and advise investors on their liability and potential exposure.
  • Contracts: My firm handles a variety of contract issues for business clients, including the drafting, review, and negotiation of real estate, business formation, purchase and sale contracts, licenses, and numerous other types of agreements.

Reach out to my office to secure the experienced advice you need to bring your transaction or contract to an efficient and satisfactory conclusion.