Business Formation

Starting a business involves numerous considerations beyond operational aspects like funding and location. There are also a multitude of legal issues that require careful attention and planning. With over 30 years of experience, I have been providing expert guidance on business formation matters to entrepreneurs in San Diego County, helping them navigate the complex legal landscape associated with establishing a new business.

Business Transactions

In the realm of complex business affairs and transactions, it’s crucial to have an experienced attorney by your side. At the Law Office of Donald Schiffer, I provide a thorough legal consultation covering a broad spectrum of business-related matters. My goal is to identify efficient solutions that conserve both your time and financial resources, thereby simplifying the complex business landscape for you.


It’s critical to safeguard your business from potential legal and financial liabilities that may arise from daily operations and business transactions. This includes matters ranging from manufacturing agreements or licensing agreements, to significant structural alterations such as mergers or acquisitions. By doing so, you ensure the longevity and success of your enterprise.

Loan Purchasing Transactions

The present economic turbulence has compounded the challenges of conducting profitable business across various markets, making it harder for enterprises to thrive.

Real Estate Transactions

If not handled with adequate foresight and careful preparation, real estate transactions can morph into daunting and time-consuming tasks, posing significant challenges even for seasoned professionals.